ForHer Story




Meet the Founder and CEO of ForHerCosmetics. Alyssa G. Space a native of Chicago, grew up in the Detroit metropolitan area. She attended F.L.I.C.S (Foreign Language Immersion Cultural Study School) for elementary, University Preparatory Academy for middle school, then Academy of the Sacred Heart High School, later graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry. She is apart of the illustrious sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and is committed to service to all mankind. Alyssa plans to move to Atlanta to expand the brand and eventually settle down in southern California to continue following her dreams of becoming the next leading cosmetic pioneer.

From an early age, Alyssa's involvement in dance, pageants, and science fairs inspired her love for beauty, fashion and science. Can you say beauty and brains!? As she grew into womanhood in college, so did her admiration for science and fashion, the combination making her quite the expert. Alyssa's passions have transpired into her products, and her goal is to help all people understand that beauty is not only skin deep but within. Beauty is Universal. Beauty is Her.


Alyssa is not only building a beauty brand that empowers women and is inclusive to all but she strives to make beauty clean and safe. She thinks "health shouldn't be sacrificed in the name of beauty." So she set out to bring you highly pigmented lippies and an assortment of natural products straight from her heart and kitchen. 


The vision of ForHerCosmetics is to promote positive affirmation amongst women while empowering all. ForHerCosmetics produces high quality natural cosmetics for women of all shades and backgrounds. And recently the mission has evolved as things do when they become better, so ForHer is working to increase the retention of young women in STEAM through "Chemistry in Cosmetics". STEM enrichment programs are being implemented to show young people and girls especially, they too can be a scientist and fashionista at the same time! It's important that women understand that beauty is not only skin deep but within one’s soul. Beauty is Universal. Beauty is HER.